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USB Type C Adapters for Your Devices

USB type C is the latest connection for your devices. Whatever brand you prefer – Apple, Samsung, HP, LG or others – everyone is making the switch. But what about your older devices that you want to still be able to take advantage of? You can’t be expected to upgrade to the newest computer or smartphone every time a new cable connection is released, right?

With GearDo you don’t have to! We supply a wide range of affordable USB type C adapters online for a range of different devices and connections. Whether you need micro USB to USB type C or HDMI to USB type C, you’ll find it with us at the most affordable prices.

Micro USB to USB type C & other adapters

USB type C is a step forward in the technology world. Not only is it capable of much faster data transfers than its micro USB counterpart, it also offers 4k monitor output and superior charging of your devices. Of course, not everyone has a device that is USB C ready, which is why we have stocked a wide selection of USB type C adaptors.

All of our micro USB to USB type C adaptors and other variations are made from the highest quality materials to ensure that your devices are protected. At GearDo, we’re committed to providing our customers with great products at even greater prices. Whether you’re looking for USB type C adapters, quadcopters with cameras or something else, you’ll be guaranteed to find it on our online store at a competitive price.

Australia’s preferred supplier of USB type C adapters

Whether you need a micro USB to USB type C adapter, a HDMI to USB type C adapter or another style, you’ll find it online at GearDo. Take your devices into the future of technology and make the change to USB type C.

If you have any questions about our adapters or any of our other products, simply get in touch with our friendly team by calling us on (03) 9532 5391 or by sending an email to