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Solar Power

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Solar Power Bank 5000mAh
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Solar Power Bank 10000mAh
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For a Reliable and Eco-Friendly Solar Power Bank Available in Australia

Innovative technology is making us see the world differently while giving us more opportunities to use the environment in ways that we’ve never thought possible. The ability to take steps towards a sustainable and eco-friendly life has never been easier, even when it comes to the smallest gadgets you might own – such as a power bank.

To ensure your devices stay fully charged while you’re on the go in an environmentally friendly way, GearDo now offers a great range of solar power banks. To recharge the bank, simply hook it to your bag as you soak up the summer sun. Your solar power bank will ensure your devices stay fully charged whether you’re travelling across Australia, heading out for a camping trip or just out enjoying some quality time with your friends.

With dual charging capabilities, life-proof casing and charging power of 5000mAh, 10000mAh, 20000mAh and 30000 mAh you can charge more devices in any environment. What more could you need?


Why choose GearDo for your solar power bank

At GearDo, we believe in making the latest, state-of-the-art technology easily accessible for people around Australia, like our solar power bank range to ensure you can stay fully charged on the go. What’s more is that with all our products, we offer the most affordable prices. So, whether you’re searching for Xiaomi products, a dash camera for your car, a fun-size drone or a solar power bank anywhere in Australia, you’ll find it in GearDo’s online store for the best prices around.


Need help choosing your new solar power bank? We’re only an email away

Our expert support staff are here for you, whether you need a helping hand to choose the right device or have any questions or concerns about our full product range. To reach out, please email us at or call us on (03) 9532 5391. Not to mention we also have Live Chat for your convenience and we’ll come back with an answer as quick as we can.


What are you waiting for? It’s time to discover the GearDo difference, today.