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Xiaomi Youpin 12V Charging Drill

Xiaomi Youpin 12V Charging Drill

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Xiaomi Youpin 12V Intelligent 12V Portable Rechargeable Power Drill 

- Household Multi-function Charging Power Drill
Suitable for furniture assembly, electrical maintenance, pendants tightening, etc.

- Drilling Hole Function
25NM large torque power, maximum drilling hole ability up to wood Ø20MM, steel plate Ø10MM. One charge can drill about 90 holes

- High Quality Strong Magnetic Integral Motor.
Front and rear end double oil-bearing, 18000RPM high rotation rate, matching full powder metallurgy double speed gearbox, achieving high efficiency and large torque output. Strong magnetic area, adsorption, and storage of screws, screwdriver heads, bits, and other parts.

- Integrated built-in long-life lithium battery. The bright LED light illuminates the working area. 3 grid power display remaining power at a glance.

Smart Lithium Battery Management System.
All hardware chip security protection: monitor the battery core voltage, temperature, current, stop work when an anomaly occurs. Ensure the safety of lithium battery and extend the service life

- Single Set Of 10MM Clip Head Chuck
Match with the spindle lock, it is easier to replace or lock the bit/screwdriver head, which is much more convenient than the traditional double-jacket clip head.

19 Gears Torsion + 1 Drilling Gear Adjustment
19 gear torsion adjustment is suitable for screwing, the larger the number, the greater the torsion. Ultra-long working capacity, one charge, about 800 screws can be done. Unscrew and tightening screws easily and quickly. Drilling gear is suitable for drilling holes.

- Mechanical Two-speed Regulation
Low rotation speed, high torque, heavy load occasions, greater strength. High rotation speed, low torque, low load occasions, faster speed.

- Forward Rotation & Reverse Button
Forward rotation / lock switch / reverse function

- Stepless Speed Regulating Switch
Control the output rotation speed at will. With brake function, it can stop the machine quickly.

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