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Xiaomi Dr Bai Sonic Electric Tooth Brush White

Xiaomi Dr Bai Sonic Electric Tooth Brush White

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Xiaomi Dr Bai Sonic Electric Tooth Brush

Sonic net tooth, soft hair ankle
Magnetic suspension sonic motor
Double effect double brush head
High-quality travel box
31000 minutes High-frequency vibration
Low noise technology
Clean tooth guard double brush head
30 seconds smart zone change reminder
Inductive charging safe and convenient
Gradual start
Magnetic suspension sonic motor
Provides efficient "brushing power" without arguing ears
The earthquake starts from weak to strong power and does not decay.
Pressing does not decay and is strong
Two brush heads and teeth
Professional sensitive brush head (Gum)
It adopts three kinds of high-efficiency antibacterial 4 soft hairs produced, 0.02mm tip, cleans the gingival sulcus and protects the gums.
20 days for one charge
Dr. Bay Sonic electric toothbrush is fully charged every day, normal morning and evening
After 2 minutes, you can continue to provide about 24 days of use of electricity.
IPX7 waterproof is not afraid of moisture intrusion
Rated voltage 3.7V
Rated power 2W
Input parameter 5V=1A
Battery type lithium battery
Battery capacity 700mAh
It takes more than 4 hours to fully charge the charging time.

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