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Monopod Selfie Stick For GoPro SJCAM XIAOMI EKEN

Monopod Selfie Stick For GoPro SJCAM XIAOMI EKEN

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This is a 180-degree adjustable monopod "selfie stick" designed to connect to your phone or GoPro, SJCam, Xiaomi or Eken camera. Eliminate awkward photos taken at arms length and avoid asking strangers to take photos for you with this selfie stick, perfect for selfies, blogging, travelling, hiking, weddings, parties, aerial photos, sporting events and more. The non-slip soft foam handle and durable metal shaft is of high quality, and the quick spin knob makes mounting your device simple. This mount also has an ability to connect to tripods.


Perfect for

-Aerial photos
-Sports events


 Video - (selfie stick only)

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