iPad Pro 11 3rd Gen 2021 Power Flex Replacement

iPad Pro 11 3rd Gen 2021 Power Flex Replacement

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Repair your broken, not working, stuck, and damaged Power Volume Flex on your iPad Pro 11 3rd Gen 2021.

Sometimes this repair can be a button issue or an internal flex cable issue.

    Common issue/issues
    • No response to the power button
    • power button stuck


    Store Bookings and Mail-in Repairs are available. In-store repairs will complete within the given time frame.

    Pickup is available on request. Additional charges will apply for pickup.

    Please Note - For mail-in repairs, there will be an additional $10 to $20 for Re-posting the device.

    What You Get,

    • The Best Quality replacement parts
    • Guaranteed Best Price and After-Sale support
    • Device security & privacy are fully protected.
    • Professional Technicians to handle the repair

    Repair Policy

    The advertised charge is for the selected repair only. An additional charge will apply for additional parts and repairs. (For example, Screen repair, but the earpiece/front camera can be damaged internally; also, charger port repair, but it can be the charger port IC fault, etc.)

    There might be an additional fee for inspection. For example, water damage and identifying multiple faults.

    Geardo Repairs are fully covered by our standard warranty program. Please check our standard warranty terms.
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